About ventana:

Ventana was founded in 1985 to help organizations make better decisions by advancing the standards of modeling technology and practice. A small, expert group, ventana's consultants have backgrounds in modeling, psychology, economics, engineering, operations research, and the physical sciences, each with from ten to more than thirty years' experience. Ventana models inform high-stakes decisions in the world's most admired organizations, including Boeing, general motors, Hewlett-packard and IBM. Ventana also works with providers of strategic consulting and information technology, such as IBM and deloitte consulting, tp bring models and modeling services to their clients.

Ventana's tools, including patented techniques to aid error detection, error prevention, and rapid comprehension of complex results, have been collected in the vensim dynamic modeling enviroment. First released commercially in 1991, vensim has become the software of choice for thusands of analysts, consultants, and researcher. Ventana also provides the vensim personal learning edition free of charge to students of modeling worldwide.

Ventana is based in Harvard, Massachusetts.

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