Corporate Models:

Ventana corporate models focus on investment allocation among business Units ,metric and profit guidelines for business units , and merger, acquisition and di- Vestiture decisions. They promote synergy in operations ,balance view of stake- holders, and clarify trandeoffs among short and long-term profit ,growth in market share, and robustness over diverse market conditions.
T Alliance

Indstrial models….

Change.They are used by suppliers to plan capacity and pricing, by consumers to determine their rules of engagement ,and by investors wishing to influence and profit from industry trends.

                 • National Airspace system
                 • B2BEconomy

National Airspace System

For the Federal Avitation administration ,Ventana is currenty modeling the Na- tional Airspace System. This project will provid a framework for evaluating long- term infrastructure and regulatory strategy. To achieve realism without getting bogged down in massive detail, the model aggregates participants into communities, each acting in its own interests .The model takes ahigh –level approach to understanding when different system constraints become active,in order to evaluate potential poli- cies for their system-wide effects on all constituencies .Data connectivity and knowl- edge management technology for this project are being provided by IBM.


For aleading information technology provider, ventana modeled the potential Behaviors of B2B e-markets . crucial model aspects included the effects of market un- certainty,and the effects of choices made by individual businesseson on the general economy. By examining the bottom-line effects for all participants in different B2B market models, Ventana determine which designs and price structures could make participants successful,and which could not. The model revealed unanticipated pitfalls in e-market pricing and cost sharing arrangement,into which uniformed manegers could easily stumble.It also suggested a number of new opportunities created by sharing information across supply chains. The client used the model to consider candidate B2B investment strategies.

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