make smart choice:

casual tracing

When cross-checking reveals conflicting or missing information, it signals opportunity to both deepen understanding and improve the model. vensim's patented casual tracing technology providers automated visualization of the causes of model behavior, making it feasible and efficient to track down the root cause of the siscrepancy, even through complex models and data sets.


Once the couse of descrepancy is identified, the resoulution is often abviouse. when it is not, ventana works with the client to judge the importance of the discrepancy and to determine the most expedient solution.

applying knowledge to make smarter choices

A refinded knowledge base is the fuel that powers better decisions. through the best choices of model architecture, decision analysis techniques, and knowledge management tools, ventana technology applies the knowledge base to help clients understand what choices are most likely to give maximum performance and why.

model architecture

The model equations form the bridge from knowledge and data to decisions. model structure must be chosen to include the clint's decision options and measures of success, while remaining consistent with knowledgeand data as described above. there requirements dictate the amount of details and level of focus the model must address. ventana draws on several analytical architectures, sometimes combining more than one a single model, to meet these requirements efficiently.

Decision Analysis

Once a model has been built which is consistent with all available data and experience, a host of techniques can be applied to evaluating potential actions and descovering optimal strategies.

Knowledge Management

The knowledge and data collected for a ventana model tends to be drawn from all around the client organization, cutting across boundaries to produce a central source for comprehensive understanding. this central repository grows with use, providing an ongoing and improving record of organizational understanding -- and an ever- richer knowledge base, to sharpen ongoing strategy.

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