Other Models:

ventana's experience and tools allows efficient creation of custom models, fitted to each client's specific needs. many ventana models combine features of the models described on this site. other fall well outside the range of management problems described here.

Ventana custome models generally produce the highest value in situations where

• present actions set up conditions affecting future results.

• multiple factors affect the outcome.

• there seems to be no clear path from data to decisions.

• the stakes are larg, or the problem is recurring.

Ventana showed why common procedures for interpreting surveys give wrong answers for some types pf data, and provided mor reliable guidelines. properly analyzed, the survey results showed strong evidence that common survey formats, while effective for examining details of the customer experience or measuring the penetration of marketing messages, are poor instruments for determining the key drivers of customer choice. understanding causes of customer behavior requires both a dedicated and markedly diffrent surveying scheme, and an analytical approach that triangulates survey data against other kinds of data, these were consistent with Through this work, ventana discovered ways to revise the survey, the sample and the analysis procedure, to get more of the knowledge the clients were seeking, more reliably, for less money.

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