portfolio models:

Ventana portfolio models focus on project, investment, or research intiantives. they examine the competition for internal resources, implications of overhead allocations, and consequences of shifting shedule, cost, and specification requirements. they are used for ongoing prioritization and for go-wait-abort decision.

• Examples: 3G wireless strategy simulator

3G wireless strategy simulator

The Ventana 3G strategy simulator is a user-friendly application allowing telecommunications executives to experiment with the level and timing of commitments to next generation technology. the simulator calculates likely financial outcomes as well as important impacts such as customer churn and network utilization, taking into account uncertain consumer behavior, competitor actions, rapid technical evolution, and stringent technical and financial constraints. scenario results can be traced back to the decisions which caused them. the 3G strategy simulator and other custom strategy models are currently being offered to telecommunications executives worldwide in conjunction with deloitte consulting advanced mobile service solutions (AMSS) program. for more information, please contact Deloitte

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